They even came up with a different meaning having your – “lav utoh-hmoh tha” (an enthusiast of great drink and food)

They even came up with a different meaning having your – “lav utoh-hmoh tha” (an enthusiast of great drink and food)

In any case, a female needs to have a very clear knowledge of the advantages of one’s opposite gender in general and agents of a particular nation in particular

Specific accept that the difference between men and you may a woman isn’t brilliant. Anyone else firmly disagree using this.

Meal to possess really-in general, the brand new functions regarding choleric and you can melancholic are mainly intrinsic from inside the Armenians. Toward one-hand, he or she is mobile, moody, energetic, productive, quick-tempered, vindictive, able to shed every links and you will vessels. Additionally, they prefer so you can whine and you may complain. In a word, the standard understanding that individuals provides a certain masochism isn’t entirely fiction. To decrease this type of properties, which are not always convenient for lifetime, we have written our own degree of one – anyone with the advantages of good sanguine and you will choleric individual, that’s, smiling, sociable, sociable. Today consider just how, state, a Italian language Macon GA chicas escort lady would respond to young man using this testimonial. For her, this is the image of an eternally inebriated glutton, plus in a people the spot where the standard is actually a fast, thrifty difficult employee. I mean a social individual that has an extensive circle out of colleagues and you will loved ones, which in turn implies the ability to enable a wife and children. A keen Armenian lady must see and set up with most of the effects of these an elements of the concern. Like, despite a job and better-being, servers family members of husband and never overcome his conferences with her or him outside of the family. Also, she’s required to assist him expose and maintain the required connectivity. And another more critical outline: in the event the in a few other country the brand new statement “the way to a great people’s heart lays from tummy” would be accepted having bookings, then inside our case it is extremely straightforward. (más…)

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